Questions about Fiasco.OC and L4Re

BogDan bog_dan_ro at
Thu May 9 20:16:17 CEST 2013


  First I'd like to introduce myself, I'm BogDan Vatra a free software hacker.

  Recently I've watched these presentations on youtube. After I've seen them (many many times) I became fascinated. I started to "play" a little bit with Fiasco.OC and L4Re, I created a few apps and I must confess that I'm extremely impressed by your work. To me Fiasco.OC and L4Re seems way too good to be true, and I wonder if there are any "hidden traps" which prevents people to use it to create a general-purpose operating system on top of Fiasco.OC and L4Re, so my first question is: Can Fiasco.OC and L4Re be used to create free (GPL, BSD, apache, etc.) and non-free apps? I checked L4Re licenses and it seems that it has the necessary exceptions, but I'd like to be 100% sure :).
I also look to Genode frameowrk and I it looks to me that it cannot be used to create non-GPL apps, so, it can not be used to create a general-purpose operating system where any kind of apps can run on it.

I also have a few questions about the completeness of Fiasco.OC and L4Re:
- does L4Re have any OpenGL support? I checked the source code and it seems that the only way to do graphics is via goos and it doesn't seem to have any OpenGL support. If I am right wouldn't be easier to port (and upstream) an existing server (e.g. xorg, wayland, mir, etc.) to L4Re, than to create one from scratch and maintain it?

 - does L4Re have any sound support? If it hasn't, then how hard will be to implement or to port an existing implementation?

 - does L4Re have any real filesystem support (e.g. ext2/3/4, xfs, raiser, etc.)? It is ok for testing to use qemu or grub to load simple apps, but for a real o.s., apps need to be loaded from disk. Again, if it hasn't, then how hard will to implement it or to port an existing implementation?

 - it is possible to use a debugger (e.g gdb(server)) to debug (user space) apps?

 - last but not least, is there any repository for Fiasco.OC and L4Re with logs? has no useful logs and IMHO it makes very hard any contribution to it. I've seen that you have a few repos on github (, do you have any plans to move Fiasco.OC and L4Re to github as well? IMHO being able to fork a repository and to create a pull request, to be able to open an issue and watch its progress will make contributors life much more easier :) !

Many thanks for your work!


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