How to catch unhandled exceptions ?

BogDan bog_dan_ro at
Mon Jun 3 12:46:03 CEST 2013


> [..]
>>  So far so good! This is exactly what I want to do, to have a way to be 
> notified
>>  by the kernel about any exception of a thread. Now my problem is that I
>>  get no notification when something bad happens (e.g. division by 0 or a
>>  page fault), is there any example where I can look to see how to use
>>  thread control + exc_handler and co ? I don't think I really know what 
> to
>>  pass to exc_handler method, I tried to pass a L4::Server_Object::obj_cap()
>>  object but nothing happened ...
> The page fault handler and the exception handler are Fiasco.OC threads.
> Hence, you pass thread capabilities to those calls. Page faults go to
> the PF handler , all other exceptions end up in the exception handler
> thread.
> In the thread you would then do something like
> while (1) {
>     msg = l4_ipc_receive();
>     inject_exception();
> }
> In inject_exception() you can use the Thread::ex_regs system call, which
> allows you to modify the IP/SP of a thread.

Still no joy :(, here what I'm using ... I still 
don't understand what I'm doing so wrong there ... Also I don't know
how to get the caller thread l4_cap_idx_t struct from l4_utcb_t.

> [..]
>>>  Also, C++ exceptions need to be caught in the thread that raised the
>>>  exception, otherwise the exceptions causes a call to std::terminate,
>>>  wich will abort your application. Hence, you'd need try/catch 
> statements
>>>  for all potential hardware exceptions around all your threads' 
> code.
>>  Of course you need to add try/catch statements :) The beauty is that if
>>  you'll do it, you'll have a chance to survive to save your data, if 
> not,
>>  then, as you said, std::terminate will be called and you get the same
>>  effect.
> There may be libraries (e.g., libc_be_signal) that spawn their own
> threads and where you do not have control over potential try/catch
> statements in their code. But that might not be an issue for you.

If I set the handler to main thread, then all the thread will have the
same handler set, right ?



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