Region overflow in bootstrap

Markus Partheymueller s9638654 at
Mon Jun 3 16:13:44 CEST 2013

When booting Fiasco/L4Re on my test machine (16G RAM, quad-core i7), I get
the following error message, unless I have all CPUs and HyperThreading

L4 Bootstrapper
  Build: #2 Mon Jun  3 14:15:47 CEST 2013, x86-32, 4.8.0
  Limiting 'RAM' region   [100000000, 43e5fffff] {33e600000} to
[100000000, 10ea803ff] {  ea80400} due to 3024 MB limit
Bootstrap: add_nolimitcheck: Region overflow

As soon as I deactivate CPUs in the BIOS or deactivate HT, it fails.

Increasing the buffer __ram[8] to, e.g., __ram[16] in
bootstrap/server/src/ does the trick.

Maybe that buffer is too small for some machines?
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