Hello scenario gets stuck

Markus Partheymueller s9638654 at inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 3 16:22:54 CEST 2013


I'm having trouble booting the hello example on real hardware. The
following config is booted via PXE:

addr   0x2000000
exec   mparthey/foc/bootstrap -serial
load    mparthey/foc/fiasco -serial -serial_esc -esc
load    mparthey/foc/sigma0
load    mparthey/foc/moe
load    mparthey/foc/l4re
load    mparthey/foc/hello

But it hangs after "MOE: Hello world". I can still enter the Kernel
debugger, listing these task and thread objects:

       1 f007e020 [Task   ] {KERNEL} R=2
       6 ffdc6134 [Thread ] {KERNEL} C=0 R=1 current
       7 fffe8f70 [Task   ] {sigma0          } R=3
       8 ffd80134 [Thread ] {sigma0          } C=0 S=D:7 R=3
       9 fffe8f18 [Task   ] R=3
       a ffd83134 [Thread ] C=0 S=D:9 R=4

Backtrace on thread a yields an address 0x143d7d in moe (?), belonging to

  List_alloc_sanity_guard __attribute__((unused)) guard(this, __func__);
  Mem_block *c = _first;
  while (c && c->next)
  143d7d:       8b 00                   mov    (%eax),%eax
  143d7f:       85 c0                   test   %eax,%eax
  143d81:       75 ee                   jne    143d71

On a different machine the exact same setup works fine. Has anyone got a
clue what goes wrong here? If I should get more information out of the
kernel debugger, just let me know.


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