Task threads are not killed at exit

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 09:13:12 CEST 2013


>>  Not all the task threads are killed when a task exits or it crashes.
>>  I've created a  simple example here: http://paste.kde.org/760274
>>  After application crashes (line 22), test thread is still alive, I still 
> can
>>  see "Test thread alive" message printed.
> What happens is that the thread executing 'main' is having a page fault
> while the other thread is doing fine. I guess exiting the app is easy in
> that case but nothing left for debugging.

But if nobody handles that exception (e.g. the debugger), then the kernel 
shouldn't kill the task? This happens on all O.S.s I've tried (linux, *BSD, 
windows, etc.) :)

>>  If I call exit or return instead to crash the task, the test thread is 
> still alive .
> That works fine for me.

Still no joy on my side :(, I comment line 22 (the one which caused 
the page fault), so the main function exists after 5 seconds but I still
see the  "Test thread alive" message printed on my screen every
second. I'm using Fiasco/L4Re from rev 56 for x86.


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