How to make task run on different cores?

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Mon Jun 10 17:05:53 CEST 2013


I start up 4 L4Linux on intel core2quad platform. In jdb, I can see 4
vmlinuz on the task list (command 's' in jdb).
Next, I run 4 benchmarks, one in each L4Linux, but the experiment result
shows that
the 4 benchmark are running on the same core. The kernel seems not
scheduling them
to different cpu cores.

I have enabled "Enable multi processor support" option in fiasco config
menu and the
jdb shows there are 4 cores:

*** Cut start ***

    CPU 0 [f000d2a0]: IRQ ENTRY
    CPU 1 [f0022451]: Maskable Interrupt
    CPU 2 [f0022451]: Maskable Interrupt
    CPU 3 [f0022451]: Maskable Interrupt
jdb: g
*** Cut end ***

But the running benchmarks are not showing on the task list(command 's' in
jdb), is it normal?
I remember in ARM L4Linux, the task list will show 'vmlinuz', 'sh',
'benchmark', ...,etc.

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