Unable to boot 64bit hello

Daniel Müller Daniel.Mueller at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 10 23:28:17 CEST 2013


On 06/10/13 18:09, Julian Stecklina wrote:
> This is problem is caused by the way bootstrap works on 64-bit systems.
> If there is a module at 0x2d0000, bootstrap will overwrite that with its
> own 64-bit code and then figure out later that things are b0rken.
Thanks for the explanation. Does this mean this is a general problem for 
64 bit? And it is on the side of bootstrap? That sounds to me like the 
fix should be on that side as well. Why not change the 0x2d0000 address?
Anyway, so could I just insert a dummy module and set the 
overlap_allowed flag (or whatever the name is) in the source code?

> I don't know a good workaround for this, except having a bootloader that
> moves modules out of the way. You might try bender in my firewire
> toolchain: https://github.com/TUD-OS/morbo
I might give it a try but I'd rather prefer staying with a more 
mainstream one.


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