How to make task run on different cores?

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Wed Jun 12 05:46:39 CEST 2013

Hi Adam,

Sorry, I make a mistake. The program name can show in jdb task list now.

2013/6/12 Chao-Jui Chang <ppc52776 at>

> 2013/6/12 Adam Lackorzynski <adam at>
>> > But the running benchmarks are not showing on the task list(command 's'
>> in
>> > jdb), is it normal?
>> > I remember in ARM L4Linux, the task list will show 'vmlinuz', 'sh',
>> > 'benchmark', ...,etc.
>> Should be the same whether its x86 or arm, there's no difference in this
>> regard.
>>  I found a L4Linux option in
>    L4Linux configuration
>       Debugging options
>         [*] Register Linux program names in the kernel debugger
> Does this option provide the feature?
> I have enabled this option in the latest L4Linux 3.9 and built with L4
> r56, but the name still not show in jdb for both x86 and ARM. If I remember
> correctly, in previous L4Linux 3.7 and L4re-snapshot-2013012910, it does
> the work.
> For core placement, add
>> scheduler = L4.Env.user_factory:create(L4.Proto.Scheduler, 0x18, 0x8,
>> cpumask),
>> to the environment of L4Linux start call (also have a look at
>> l4/conf/examples/x86-fb.cfg). E.g. to place on core 2 make cpumask a 4,
>> and so on.
>> Thanks for providing the information.
> Is there any document about the parameter of the L4.Proto.Scheduler ?
> What 0x18, 0x08 mean for Scheduler?
> Best regards,
> Chao-Jui
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