l4linux starting - How can I see all Debug messages on serial line ?

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Jul 25 23:50:58 CEST 2013

On Wed Jul 24, 2013 at 15:26:05 +0200, Rudolf Weber wrote:
> Yes, it boots further, loads the RAM-Disk and the booting in the mag-Window shows further errors.
> I can't see the errors that quickly, and they don't appear in the log of qemu.
> Question1: How can I see the error messages of L4linux on serial lines?

Add console=ttyLv0 to the L4Linux argument list.

>   I can't see any severe errors, but the prompt of the /bin/sh is not shown :-(

I'd guess it's shown on the default console, which you unfortunately do
not see (whatever it is).

> I opened the Fiasco - Debugger, looked the backtrace of vmlinux-thread and the question come:
> Question2: How do I map the addresses to the System.map? -> Is there any tutorial available ?   

Hmm, you can just look them up from that file. I don't think this is
much more.

> The l4linux configuration x86-ux_defconfig works with grub-Module-configuration
>  modaddr 0x02000000
> default-kernel fiasco -serial_esc
> default-bootstrap bootstrap
> entry L4Linux-mag-x86
> roottask moe rom/l4lx-gfx.cfg
> module l4re
> module ned
> module l4lx-gfx.cfg
> module io
> module fb-drv
> module mag
> module x86-legacy.devs
> module l4lx-x86.io
> module vmlinuz
> module ramdisk-x86.rd
> Related to Question1 is
> Question3:How can I see the messages of l4linux on serialline ?

The console option should help here.

> My try:
> The configuration:
> modaddr  0x002000000
> entry L4Linux
>   kernel fiasco -serial_esc
>   roottask fiasco -serial_esc
>   roottask moe rom/l4linux.cfg
>   module l4linux.cfg
>   module l4re
>   module ned
>   module io
>   module x86-legacy.devs
>   module l4lx-x86.io
>   module vmlinuz
>   module ramdisk-x86.rd
> with x86-legacy.devs and l4lx-x86.io from l4re-snapshot-2013060718
> and l4linux.cfg like above don't lead to the prompt of the /bin/sh
> but I can't understand what is wrong.

Is it there now?

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