Aw: Re: l4linux starting - How can I see all Debug messages on serial line ?

Rudolf Weber rwib at
Wed Jul 31 17:56:05 CEST 2013

>> (Oh, I remember: I applied the patch from
>> to fix the bootstrap-problemon x86_64 of the hello world-Application.
>> Since l4linux is not ported to x86_64, I tried x86)

>Could you try without the patch please?

Yes, I did it: It runs !
As modaddr I tried 0x01100000 like in genode, but this collidates with an module. 0x02000000 works.

Experience: I put the mag -Servermodule at the end - it worked 
            - i put it behind io -Module - it worked
            -> So the position is not very important 
            (I think, the first modules bootstrap, fiasco, sigma0, ... should be in that order)  
The patch is good for the bootstrap-Problem on x86_64, but not with the configured linux-Kern.
Thank you very much!

I think, the configuration of the root-servers (which must have a different load addresses because the kernel has not started and build the Virtual Address spaces) is the first challenge (Herausfordung) with a L4-Microkernel.
And I think, if someone replaces the root-Servers (i.e. Genode,...) he/she will have the same problem again.

The above patch seemed tho rearrange the modules, but someone should improve it.

To solve the configuration problem for newbies I suggest:
* Perhaps the bootloader grub could read out the inital layout.
* And then there should be a compiletime tool which adjust the LMA according to the initial address space. 

My next goal is to have an l4linux-System with a harddisk and a compiler.
(Then I want to test my UML toolbox first on l4linux, then native on L4) 

There is an firm for process visualization and an idea would be asking them, if the real time window system dope 
may be useful for them. (If they agree, I will contact the TU Dresden and Genode labs to discuss the business terms.)

According an mail I read the Dissertation
But N.F. writes in his mail, that l4dope is not more in the focus.
In 2003, I had a grub-configuration

Is mag an successor of nitpicker ?
Is it an replacement for l4dope ?
Does someone already running configuration ?


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