Using the tmpfs library

Michael Weiß michael.weiss at
Thu Aug 1 10:43:58 CEST 2013


I want to do some file operations in a native l4re application.
using fopen, fgetc, fprintf... from libc. I know that this is possible
for the rom filesystem. However, I want to create new files during
runtime which are also writable.
I found the VFS implementation l4/pkg/tmpfs.
but I do not really understand how that VFS stuff works, as there also
is no header file for tmpfs. How can I access the tmpfs functionality
within my application?

For my application it would be sufficient to just have
temporary files, which I think is exactly what the tmpfs lib provides.

I already linked the tmpfs lib to my application and
tried to use mount from sys/mount.h.
However, I have no idea which parameters and how the path than has to
look like for fopen.

Is there some example code which shows howto use this lib in an


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