l4linux starting - How can I see all Debug messages on serial line ?

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Aug 1 23:47:19 CEST 2013

On Wed Jul 31, 2013 at 17:56:05 +0200, Rudolf Weber wrote:
> As modaddr I tried 0x01100000 like in genode, but this collidates with an module. 0x02000000 works.
> Experience: I put the mag -Servermodule at the end - it worked 
>             - i put it behind io -Module - it worked
>             -> So the position is not very important 
>             (I think, the first modules bootstrap, fiasco, sigma0, ... should be in that order)  

Indeed, except the first 3 the order is not important.

> I think, the configuration of the root-servers (which must have a
> different load addresses because the kernel has not started and build
> the Virtual Address spaces) is the first challenge (Herausfordung)
> with a L4-Microkernel.
> And I think, if someone replaces the root-Servers (i.e. Genode,...)
> he/she will have the same problem again.

The modaddr is a configurable option because there are different
demands. Further, linking 3 programs in a disjunctive manner is not
really a challenge. It's something that is detected if not the case.

> The above patch seemed tho rearrange the modules, but someone should improve it.

Yes, indeed, that's me. Good reproducability on my side is the key
success factor here.

> To solve the configuration problem for newbies I suggest:
> * Perhaps the bootloader grub could read out the inital layout.
> * And then there should be a compiletime tool which adjust the LMA according to the initial address space. 

Honestly I do not think that there is a problem that needs to be solved.
The modaddr is usually set to a value that is ok and nothing to worry
about. I think what you suggest is not easier, especially for a newbie.

> My next goal is to have an l4linux-System with a harddisk and a compiler.
> (Then I want to test my UML toolbox first on l4linux, then native on L4) 
> There is an firm for process visualization and an idea would be asking them, if the real time window system dope 
> may be useful for them. (If they agree, I will contact the TU Dresden and Genode labs to discuss the business terms.)
> According an mail I read the Dissertation http://www.genode-labs.com/publications/secure-gui-2009.pdf
> But N.F. writes in his mail, that l4dope is not more in the focus.
> In 2003, I had a grub-configuration http://www.infnet.verein.de/betriebssysteme/kleinkernarch/l4/l4boot/dope.lst
> Is mag an successor of nitpicker ?
> Is it an replacement for l4dope ?
> Does someone already running configuration ?

Dope is in the tree and supposed to work as it used to work. However, no
further work has been done on it (except L4Re adaption).

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