l4-hackers Digest, Vol 124, Issue 4

Lluís Vilanova vilanova at ac.upc.edu
Mon Aug 5 13:03:48 CEST 2013

Adam Lackorzynski writes:

> On Mon Aug 05, 2013 at 01:22:17 +0300, Lluís Vilanova wrote:
>> Hey, thanks for the response and the offer to keep me posted on the problem :)
>> Last time I tried with QEMU the system was working perfectly fine (with "make
>> qemu"). Unfortunately, I need to run it on a real machine to get some
>> performance measurements.

> Use grub1 is a quick tip, possibly via netboot (pxegrub). A short look
> at current grub2 shows me some interesting and likely changed behaviour
> but I didn't check further right now.

> https://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~adam/grub/0.97/

I chainloaded into a grub1 installation on another partition and everything
works like a charm.

Just curious, what exactly has changed on grub2? Did the multiboot features


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