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On Fri Aug 16, 2013 at 10:19:03 -0500, Bryan Amato wrote:
> I have been using Linux for sometime and only recently tried a special
> version of BSD, named Dragonfly BSD.  What I liked about Dragonfly is that
> the kernel is not a monolithic kernel.  However BSD is not really for me, I
> prefer the comfort of Linux, so I began searching around the web for a
> non-monolithic version of the Linux kernel and I came across L4Linux.
>  Looking at the screenshots, I don't see any modern DE's.  Does L4L support
> those desktops like KDE, Gnome and E17?

L4Linux is a virtual machine, i.e. a Linux kernel that has been adapted
to use L4 functionality rather then only using the hardware interface. As
such it can run any of those environments you listed.

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