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Julian Stecklina jsteckli at
Sat Aug 17 13:22:51 CEST 2013

Christian Ludwig <chrissicool at> wrote:
>On 16.08.2013 17:19, Bryan Amato wrote:
>> I have been using Linux for sometime and only recently tried a
>> version of BSD, named Dragonfly BSD.  What I liked about Dragonfly is
>> that the kernel is not a monolithic kernel.  However BSD is not
>> for me, I prefer the comfort of Linux, so I began searching around
>> web for a non-monolithic version of the Linux kernel and I came
>> L4Linux.  Looking at the screenshots, I don't see any modern DE's. 
>> L4L support those desktops like KDE, Gnome and E17?
>I think you are confusing some things here. DragonflyBSD is a
>kernel and so is Linux.

To be fair, Dragonfly is IIRC trying to use communicating threads in the kernel rather than finegrained locking, so the comparison to L4 is not completely far fetched. But yes, it is still monolithic in that it all runs in a single address space.

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