about the snd-base/hot-spot of flexpage mapping

冯希顺 masstensor at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 12:24:32 CET 2013

hello everbody.

I have a question about the snd-base/hot-spot of flexpage mapping feature.
in many l4 documents, there are a lot of words about the snd-base/hot-spot
concept, it seem that are a complex mechanism to calculate the send base
when the sender's flexpage have different size compares to receiver's
flexpage, I have read a lot of documents(l4 user manual/l4 reference manual
etc.) about this mechanism, but I can not figure out it... Could you tell
why l4 needs this mechanism, and what situation that this mechanism adapt

And I have another question to Dresden University guys: what is the l4
version of Fiasco.OC based?

Thank for your help!

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