some question bout L4 memory management

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Thu Oct 31 09:47:38 CET 2013

Hello L4 hackers
Now a days I am studying the memory manage Mechanisms of fiasco kernel and
L4RE, and I have some questions:
         1) I  see that when a process need some memory, a dataspace will
be invoked and MOE will retrieve pages from alloc_list as kernel mapping
sender, and attach region to region map.  if process free a region of
memory , the region will be dettached from region map and link the memory
back to alloc_list, right? The problem I hold is when and how memory be
recycled when a process terminated ? Cause I didn't see system use
alloc_list :: free() function when a process had ended, in the process I
malloc() about 1 MB memory and didn't free them, but it seems that the
memory pre-allocated not been link back to alloc list, could you please
tell me when and how will system recycle these memory? If possible, please
tell me which code folders is it there.

2) Could you please tell me where are codes(files) that responsible for
process virtual memory space management, such as how vitual address be
assigned to a variable or pointer. Sometimes i fell to an unhandled page
fault when I free pointers, because the page fault address cant be find in
region map.
        Thank you very much for kindly answering

Best Reguard
                                     YuFen Chang   National Tsing-Hua
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