some question bout L4 memory management

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On Thu Oct 31, 2013 at 16:47:38 +0800, yakijahn wrote:
> Now a days I am studying the memory manage Mechanisms of fiasco kernel and
> L4RE, and I have some questions:
>          1) I  see that when a process need some memory, a dataspace will
> be invoked and MOE will retrieve pages from alloc_list as kernel mapping
> sender, and attach region to region map.  if process free a region of
> memory , the region will be dettached from region map and link the memory
> back to alloc_list, right? The problem I hold is when and how memory be
> recycled when a process terminated ? Cause I didn't see system use
> alloc_list :: free() function when a process had ended, in the process I
> malloc() about 1 MB memory and didn't free them, but it seems that the
> memory pre-allocated not been link back to alloc list, could you please
> tell me when and how will system recycle these memory? If possible, please
> tell me which code folders is it there.

Moe is using garbage collection to reclaim resources such as memory.
Search for 'collect' in moe sources.

> 2) Could you please tell me where are codes(files) that responsible for
> process virtual memory space management, such as how vitual address be
> assigned to a variable or pointer. Sometimes i fell to an unhandled page
> fault when I free pointers, because the page fault address cant be find in
> region map.

The region manager is responsible to manage a task's address space. If
you have an invalid pointer, isn't it likely that your program might
just access some memory area it should not access?

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