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Hi Alexander,

> I like to implement two processes(if this is the correct word for 
> l4). I want to implement two elf binaries, each of them have a
> main function.
> These two processes should communicate over IPC. Is this possible?

Of course!

> I have in my modules.list: entry krusty kernel fiasco -serial_esc 
> roottask moe rom/krusty.cfg module foo ...
> so my init process is 'moe' which should start one than more
> processes, how can I do that if it possible?

Actually you are passing an init file written in Lua to moe. Moe then
starts ned, the init interpreter, which in turn sets up your system.
The trick for running more than one process (which we call tasks btw)
is to specify that inside the Lua file.

> In l4 examples of 'ipc' I only saw solution with threads, is this
> the correct way to initiate new processes?

The example you are looking for is in l4/pkg/examples/clntsrv -- here
two tasks are launched that communicate through a dedicated channel.
There is also an example Lua file to launch this setup.

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