Porting libraries to l4linux

Björn Döbel doebel at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Dec 6 08:44:33 CET 2013

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> I have read some question about adding libraries to l4/fiasco, but
> I don't get how to do it exactly. I need to port libtiff and
> openmpi to compile my program over l4/fiasco. Do you have any
> documentation about it?

in most cases (I would suspect libtiff to be such a case) it simply
means dropping the original source code into an l4/pkg directory and
building the library.

There are some examples you might want to look at, such as libjpeg,
libpng etc, which contain ports of the respective libs.

> I have another question related to running application on top
> l4linux. Is it possible to run my application on top l4linux; like,
> if I want to run hello world application over l4linux (not just
> booting it over l4/fiasco)? I tried to run it by using this
> configuration:
> -- Start Hello loader:start( { caps = {}, l4re_bdg = L4.Dbg.Warn, 
> log = {"hello","red"}, }, "rom/hello");
> -- Start Linux loader:start( { caps = { log = L4.Env.log:m("rws"), 
> fb  = mag_svc:create(L4.Proto.Goos, "g=640x480"); vbus =
> vbus_l4linux; }, l4re_dbg = L4.Dbg.Warn, log = { "l4linux",
> "yellow" }, }, "rom/" .. lxname .. " mem=64M console=tty0
> l4x_rd=rom/ramdisk-" .. L4.Info.arch() .. ".rd root=1:0
> ramdisk_size=4000 init=linuxrc");
> But I think it only run two different applications over l4/fiasco.
> Do you have any idea how to run the hello application over
> l4linux?

The idea behind L4Linux is to run native Linux applications, so hello
world in L4Linux works just as the version you would write in your
local Linux.

Running an application that communicates with both L4 and Linux is a
bit more involved. L4Linux applications don't talk to L4 apps
directly. The L4Linux kernel is an L4 app though, so it can do this
talking for you. The missing link then is to write a Linux device
driver that allows your Linux program to talk to the L4Linux kernel,
which then in turn communicates with an external L4 application.

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