IRQ request from server to client and server.loop()

cem akpolat akpolatcem at
Wed Dec 18 12:08:39 CET 2013

Dear all,

I am quite new to the microkernel concept and I am trying to somehow build an IRQ mechanism between client and server. There are two questions that I want to ask:

1- Is it possible to receive an IRQ message being sent by Server on the client and handle it? I tried to apply that on the shared_ds examples. However what I see is the IRQ registration could be done only on the server side. How can a client, in a shared memory case,receive an IRQ request from server and how can a server send an IRQ request (in other words trigger an IRQ) to the client.

2- How can we remove or disable the server.loop mechanism? What is the role of this function?

I appreciate that you can answer these questions.

Best regards,
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