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Emanuel Berg emanuel.berg.8573 at
Sun Feb 2 22:29:06 CET 2014

Adam Lackorzynski <adam at> writes:

> Setting this path up is basically only needed for
> having the ARM cross compiler, so can be omitted if
> you're just interested in x86.

OK, good to know, thank you.

> You say you have an obj dir, which is good. What's in
> there? There should be a Fiasco build directory (such
> as obj/fiasco/ia32), l4re build dir (obj/l4/x86) and
> an L4Linux build dir (obj/l4linux). Are those dirs
> there for you?

No, that's why I said that, because the

for f in obj/fiasco/*; do
for f in obj/l4/*; do
for f in obj/l4linux/*; do

stuff in the Makefile won't do anything if those dirs
are empty.

The only thing in obj/, except for those three empty
subdirs, is .config, which contains:

# snapshot build configuration

I'll try to create the subdirs manually and see what

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