Network Server Ankh

Martin Schröder martin.schroeder at
Fri Feb 7 18:58:31 CET 2014

Hi Ajith,

Am 07.02.2014 17:58, schrieb Ajith Whowe:
> Dear Martin,
> Thanks a lot. It did the job. I have the network interfaces on both
> sides. Nevertheless I can not ping one another. The strange thing is the
> ping request clearly does invoke any of the net_device_ops:
> static const struct net_device_ops l4shmnet_netdev_ops = {
> .ndo_open       = l4x_l4shmc_open,
> .ndo_start_xmit = l4x_l4shmc_xmit_frame,
> .ndo_stop       = l4x_l4shmc_close,
> .ndo_change_mtu = l4x_l4shmc_change_mtu,
> .ndo_get_stats  = l4x_l4shmc_get_stats,
> };
> I put in all these functions some printk's and I can not see it once the
> ping starts.
> I also did with -I option like: ping -I eth0  but still no
> success.
> Do You have any idea?

If none of the functions are called, the packet get not through the IP 
stack. Can you post the IP configuration (ip addr show and ip link show) 
of of both partitions?


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