Library dependencies missing: stdlibs in directory

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Fri Feb 14 08:33:16 CET 2014

On Wed Feb 12, 2014 at 20:47:45 +0100, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> Adam Lackorzynski <adam at> writes:
> > Yes. After that you do: make O=... -j4
> Yes, that was the piece out.
> > And wait until finished.
> Right, that took some time. Because the application was
> so basic, it must be some other thing going on. But if
> this can't be explained in a couple of sentences, no
> worries, I'm getting there...

In a couple of sentences? Give me a try.
When you compile a program on your desktop, you need quite a bit of
support functionality, such as some libraries, linker scripts etc.
Those you just install and then it works.
If you want to compile a program for another OS you this need support
functionality as well. And that's what you have built.

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