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Emanuel Berg emanuel.berg.8573 at
Wed Feb 19 18:48:49 CET 2014

Björn Döbel <doebel at> writes:

> Why not start with a simple L4 application with a
> rather simple Makefile (e.g., l4/pkg/hello) and copy
> stuff from there? Basically the answer is that you
> only have to set the SRC_C/SRC_CC and REQUIRES_LIBS
> make variables and the build system will do the rest
> for you.

If you read the first couple of messages in this very
thread, you'll see that I have done just that.

I put some helpers in this file [1] - after setting up
the src tree, and the obj dir, I had to 'oldconfig',
then '-j4', and finally 'make'. That it was that
complicated for just a toy program tells me there is no
way around it, if I ever am to write a serious
application, I need to understand the process.

Now, I have a C++ project, consisting of two files,
that also has a ned Lua file.

It has the following includes:

#include <l4/re/env>
#include <l4/cxx/ipc_stream>
#include <l4/re/util/object_registry>
#include <iostream>

I have been unable to compile it because I don't know
what needs to be done. In the code provided, there are
typically exports, and a module list (the flags in
'qhello' of my file, perhaps), use of ned, inclusion of
the mk file I mentioned earlier, and more, so again, it
is a bit to much to digest without knowing what it all
does. A "hit list" (1, 2, 3, done) would be helpful.

> On the complex lab there are 4 slide sets - the first
> two might include some useful information about what
> needs to go into an L4Re Makefile, if that is what
> you're specifically searching for.

Yes, but any reading is fine. Right now I don't know
how to compile. But I'll read anything you suggest.


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