Library dependencies missing: stdlibs in directory

Emanuel Berg emanuel.berg.8573 at
Thu Feb 20 22:47:35 CET 2014

Marcus Hähnel <mhaehnel at> writes:

> it looks like you have some very basic
> misunderstandings

I have yet to read *one line* that describes how to use
this system!

> You main misunderstanding seems to be the use of the
> O= / OBJDIR= setting. This points to the root of your
> builddirectory. This means the build directory for
> the whole l4re tree.

Aha, I thought it was the path of the future object
files that was the result of compilation (of my

In that case, I might as well have it as an
environmental variable as it is unlikely to change or
collide with anything else.

> (l4re-snapshot-2013123021/src/l4) 3) Execute 'make
> B=path/to/builddir' with a build dir that is NOT
> inside the source directory! 4) Execute 'make
> O=path/to/builddir config' to configure your l4re
> system.  5) Type 'make O=path/to/builddir' (! in the
> directory l4re-snapshot-2013123021/src/l4'! You never
> change directories in these steps!!!)  Let this last
> step run to completion!! You do not have a working
> L4RE tree if it does not complete successfully.  Now
> you have a complete and working l4re source tree. You
> NEVER have to touch anything in the build directory.


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