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> Amazing thing is, I didn't do half (actually close to zero) of that
> stuff the first time around, so how it still worked is a mystery!

Fact is, it didn't.

> This - now modified with new paths -
> qhello () { core=~/core 
> fiasco=$core/l4re-snapshot-2013123021/src/kernel/fiasco/fiasco-build/fiasco
> l4f=$x86_bin/l4f
> DISPLAY=":0" \ qemu-system-i386 \ -kernel $x86_bin/bootstrap \ 
> -append "bootstrap -modaddr 0x01100000" \ -initrd "$fiasco
> -serial_esc\ ,$l4f/sigma0\ ,$l4f/moe --init=rom/$1\ ,$l4f/l4re\ 
> ,$l4f/$1" \ -serial stdio }
> - must have been a pretty good function, right? :) Perhaps you
> should publish that tutorial on the home page?

When you download the L4Re snapshot and unpack the tarball you end up
with a directory such as l4re-core-<snapshotname>. In the top level of
this directory there is a file called README, which we assumed people
would find themselves attracted to ... read. Quoting from this file
from now on...


 To run the built system under QEMU, go to an appropriate l4/
 obj-directory of your choice, such as obj/l4/x86, and run:
   make qemu
 This will display a dialog menu to let you choose an entry to boot. For
 example, choose 'hello' and you should see the system starting and
 see "Hello World" scroll by periodically.

> If you don't count the O= stuff,
> Makeconf.local

Tips and tricks

 If you're just building for one build directory you can do the
 following to avoid the O=... argument on every make call.

 Put O=/path/to/the/build-dir into L4DIR/Makeconf.local

> Makeconf.boot

Configuring Images and Search Paths

 The configuration file to configure the contents of images and
 generally the entries to boot is
 containing entries sections with modules for each entries listed.
 The search paths required to find the binaries and files are configured
 through Makeconf.boot file(s). Locations in the the src-directory as
 well as in the obj-directories are checked. The locations are
   src/l4/conf/Makeconf.boot and obj-dir/conf/Makeconf.boot.
 The paths can be configured globally or per make target. Please refer
 to src/l4/conf/Makeconf.boot.example for usage examples.

> mk/tmpl/inst

Adding your own code


The directory l4/mk/tmpl contains a template package directory layout
structure and shows how a package might look like. It also contains
examples on what to do in the Makefiles.

> were all new to me.

Done quoting for now.

We highly appreciate any hints on how to improve that documentation.
Claiming it isn't there doesn't help us a lot, though.

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