Fortran Compiler Missing

Carsten Weinhold weinhold at
Sat Feb 22 11:54:31 CET 2014

Am 22.02.2014 um 04:55 schrieb Irvanda Kurniadi <irvanda.k at>:

> Hi,

Hi Irvanda,

> I have some problem in building some package. It is a little bit weird because the packages just compiled fine in my office, but when I tried to build the same package on the same system in my laptop using VMware, I got this debug message:
> Fortran compiler (gcc-4.6 or later) missing, skipping directory '/home/..'

Do you have gfortran installed on that system? If you installed it later (or if you install it just now), you may need to re-execute 'make config' in your l4 source tree, as the build system only checks for available compilers when the build directory is configured.


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