Running application can't create a file

Irvanda Kurniadi irvanda.k at
Thu Feb 27 06:59:19 CET 2014


Recently I'm using libtiff library on L4/Fiasco. I can use some function
from that library. But when I'm trying to create an image by using  libtiff
function, I got this error message:

TIFFOpen: output.tif: Cannot open.
Could not open output.tif for writing
MOE: task 1561539 exited with 42

Here is my configuration in module.list
entry tiff_test2
 roottask moe --init=rom/tiff_test2
 module l4re
 module tiff_test2

I compile and run it over linux and it works properly. This application is
supposed to create the output file and then open it by TIFFOpen function.
So, I think there is a trick to launch this tiff application over
L4/fiasco, so the kernel can permit the application to create a file. But,
it's only my assumption and I'm not really sure about this. If by any
chance you know something about it, please let me know. Thanks


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