Genode 14.02 enables VirtualBox on NOVA

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at
Fri Feb 28 12:28:47 CET 2014

Today we released a new version of Genode, which, beside many other
improvements, adds support for VirtualBox as VMM on NOVA.

For years, we addressed virtualization in Genode beginning with
OKLinux on the OKL4 kernel. Later, we added support for L4Linux on
Fiasco.OC and the Vancouver/Seoul VMM on NOVA. All these solutions had
strong points in distinct usage scenarios but we always missed support
for a wide range of guest OSes, guest-host integration features, ease
of use, active development, and, finally, support for MS Windows
guests. Therefore, we are happy to have enabled VirtualBox on the NOVA
microhypervisor now, which brings all these features and (due to
NOVA's virtualization support) integrates perfectly with the
architecture of Genode.

Besides VirtualBox, the main features and improvements of the current
release are:

  - Base framework
    - Improved stack management
  - Storage
    - NetBSD file systems ported via rump kernels
    - Revised block-driver framework
    - New block cache
    - New FUSE-based NTFS-3g support
    - Ported e2fsprogs to the Noux runtime
  - Low-level OS infrastructure
    - New pseudo file system as tracing front end
    - Unified interfaces for graphics
    - New status-reporting mechanism
    - Nitpicker support for dynamic screen resizing
  - Libraries and applications
    - Extended Noux runtime with POSIX signals
    - Dynamic ROM service
  - Platforms
    - Basic support ODROID XU

More details about version 14.02 can be found in the release
documentation here

Best regards
Christian Helmuth
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