Problem when booting L4 Fiasco/Re

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Tue Mar 11 00:44:46 CET 2014


On Sun Mar 09, 2014 at 15:40:27 +0100, Sören Jonsson wrote:
> I have now successfully compiled the L4 Fiasco.OC and your runtime
> environment. I made the hello.iso bootable image as well, and made an
> attempt to run it under VMWare workstation. My problem is that it don't
> work. It stops during boot, with the following information:
> I had to provide two images, in order to capture all information. The
> information above "Total RAM: 255MB" disapers very fast otherwise.
> Is this enough information to explain what is happening, or can I provide
> more  information using other methods?

Oh, I think that could be my beloved grub2 module placement issue.
To make a longer story short: I recommend using Qemu instead of Vmware.
To use it, just replace "make grub2iso" with "make qemu" and it should
just work.

Adam                 adam at

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