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> On 21 Mar 2014, at 20:27, Alexis Fajardo Moya <afmoya at> wrote:
> Hello, 
>             I'm trying  to do the same procedure than Waldo. I have fiasco compiled in a configured buildir; the same for l4re. I'm using the arm-2012.03 toolchain.
> When I execute inside l4re builddir the command:
> make -j2 elfimage E=hello O=/home/afmoya/builds/l4re.exynos4 MODULE_SEARCH_PATH=/home/afmoya/builds/foc.exynos4 SYSTEM_TARGET=/usr/local/arm-2012.03/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-
> it generates three linked files in the image directory of the l4re builddir. They reference another three files located in l4re.exynos4/bin/arm_armv7a. The generated files are:
> bootstrap_hello.elf, 
> bootstrap.elf and
> bootstrap_hello
> when I execute Qemu with the following arguments
> qemu-system-arm -m 256 -serial mon:stdio  -kernel bootstrap_hello.elf
> returns
> qemu: fatal: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at 0x41000000
This tells you that the binary you are trying to execute is linked to an address where no physical memory is. The standard qemu-system-arm machine is Integrator/CP. If you want qemu to emulate an Exynos SoC you need to provide "-M smdkc210" on the cmdline. Use "-M ?" To get a list of all supported machines.


> El 21/03/14 21:49, Waldo escribió:
>> Hi, i am running the hello world example for the arm realview (exynos4412), and i don't how create a elfimage to run the example, i compile the fiasco and l4re for arm, but the elfimage is not generated.
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