Can use other root file system instead of ramdisk(ramdisk-arm.rd) ?

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On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 09:08:47PM +0900, Taeung wrote:
> Hello , L4 hackers !!:-)
> Would you mind if I ask you other questions ?
> I've done booting "L4 linux + L4/Fiasco" on Freescale imx6q_sabre_sd.
> I'm using ramdisk of which name is 'ramdisk-arm.rd'.
> I've got the file from URL (
> But it is not enough to install and run X-window.
> There is not enough package.
> I really want to use 'apt-get' on L4 Linux.
> 1. Can is what I want possible on L4 linux ?


> 2. Can use other root file system instead of ramdisk(ramdisk-arm.rd) ?

Yes. You can put your root file system on a normal hard drive and use a
standard Linux distribution (e.g. Debian). For this to work you need to give
L4Linux direct access to the physical hard drive device.  This includes (maybe
not a complete list):

  - enable PCI-support in Linux
  - select the vPCI L4Linux driver
  - enable AHCI driver in Linux
  - put correct PCI-devices to L4Linux's vbus


> 3. Whatever packages which is put in a ramdisk, is it no matter ?
> If I put ubuntu packages in a ramdisk, is it fine?
> - Taeung -

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