Have you modified L4 Kernel command line ?

Matthias Lange matthias.lange at kernkonzept.com
Thu Mar 27 10:06:22 CET 2014


On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 05:26:27PM +0900, Taeung wrote:
> Hello, L4 hackers :-)
> May I ask you a question about L4 linux ?
> Have you modified  ' l4x_rd=rom/ramdisk-arm.rd root=1:0
> ramdisk_size=4000 init=/bin/sh' in L4 kernel command ?
> I want to change it , as if the part  of original linux's kernel
> command line is "root=/dev/mmcblk1p1 rootwait rw"
> Because I want to assign 'root' to '/dev/mmcblk1p1' or
> '/dev/mtdblock0' instead of 'rom/ramdisk-arm.rd'.

Of course you can do that. But you also need to pass-through the physical MMC
device to L4Linux (or implement a virtual one). Depending on your platform
this may be a little bit more involved.


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