hello/l4/fiasco.oc for realview pbxa9

Alexis Fajardo Moya afmoya at uclv.cu
Thu Mar 27 13:50:22 CET 2014


On 27/03/14 05:02, Matthias Lange wrote:
> What's strange here is, that bootstrap is not moving modules 1 and 2. Are you
> using the latest snapshot? Which version of qemu are you using?
I'm using the l4re-snapshot-2013081908 version and Qemu 1.6.1
> Can you try to execute 'make qemu E=hello' directly in your l4re obj
> directory? Don't forget to set QEMU_OPTIONS as you need.
I execute the command
make qemu E=hello QEMU_OPTIONS="-m 256 -M realview-pbx-a9 -serial 
mon:stdio" MODULE_SEARCH_PATH=~/build/foc.realview 
...and the result was the same.


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