L4Re + ARM

Waldo waldopaz at uclv.cu
Tue Apr 1 04:30:42 CEST 2014

hello l4 hackers, I'm trying to do the same procedure than alexis, run 
the hello example for arm plataform, I compile the fiasco.oc and l4re 
for arm realview.
when I type make qemu E=hello, the result is this:

/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/obj/l4/arm-arm9$ make qemu E=hello
make[1]: se ingresa al directorio 
   ... Building .general.d
   ... Building Makefile.inc
Building entry "hello".
Merging image 
/home/waldo/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/obj/fiasco/arm-up-rv-9/fiasco to 
mod00 [342kB]
Merging image 
to mod01 [343kB]
Merging image 
to mod02 [2433kB]
Merging image 
to mod03 [1262kB]
Merging image 
to mod04 [925kB]
   ... Generating bootstrap.ld
   ... Compiling exec.o
   ... Compiling module.o
   ... Compiling ARCH-arm/crt0.o
   ... Compiling region.o
   ... Compiling startup.o
   ... Compiling init_kip_v2.o
   ... Compiling init_kip_v4.o
   ... Compiling libc_support+.o
   ... Compiling patch.o
   ... Compiling koptions.o
   ... Compiling platform/rv.o
   ... Compiling loader_mbi.o
   ... Compiling ARCH-arm/reboot.o
   ==> Linking bootstrap.elf
   ==> Post-processing bootstrap.elf
   ==> "bootstrap.elf" built
   ==> Installing bootstrap.elf in image directory
   ==> Installing bootstrap_hello in image directory
   ==> Installing bootstrap_hello.elf in image directory
   Image size(s) in bytes:
             bootstrap_hello.elf:  971416
   Start address: 0x1000000
   --> Build-Nr: 8
   ==> Installing bootstrap.elf to local build-tree
   ==> Installing bootstrap_hello to local build-tree
   ==> Installing bootstrap_hello.elf to local build-tree
QEmu-cmd: qemu-system-arm -kernel 
/home/waldo/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/obj/l4/arm-arm9/images/bootstrap.elf -M 
realview-eb -m 256 -serial stdio
oss: Could not initialize DAC
oss: Failed to open `/dev/dsp'
oss: Reason: No such file or directory
oss: Could not initialize DAC
oss: Failed to open `/dev/dsp'
oss: Reason: No such file or directory
audio: Failed to create voice `lm4549.out'

L4 Bootstrapper
   Build: #8 lun mar 31 22:18:09 CDT 2014, 4.6.3
   Scanning up to 256 MB RAM
   Memory size is 256MB (00000000 - 0fffffff)
   RAM: 0000000000000000 - 000000000fffffff: 262144kB
   Total RAM: 256MB
   mod04: 010cb000-010e457c: hello
   mod03: 010b1000-010ca45c: l4re
   mod02: 01077000-010b0628: moe
   mod01: 0106d000-01076374: sigma0
   mod00: 01017000-0106c4d4: fiasco
   Moving up to 5 modules behind 1100000
   moving module 00 { 1017000-106c4d3 } -> { 11ce000-12234d3 } [349396]
   moving module 03 { 10b1000-10ca45b } -> { 1100000-111945b } [103516]
   moving module 04 { 10cb000-10e457b } -> { 1100000-111957b } [103804]
make[1]: se sale del directorio 

I'm using the l4re-snapshot-2014022815 version, code sourcery 2012-03 
cross-compiler , and qemu 1.6.1.

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