How to change root device on L4 Linux ?

Taeung treeze.taeung at
Tue Apr 1 12:07:44 CEST 2014

Hello, L4 hackers :-)

I want to change *root device* on L4 Linux instead of ramdisk.
Root device I want is like '*/dev/mtdblock0*' or '/dev/mmcblk1p1' 
instead of 'rom/ramdisk-arm.rd'.

So, I've configured somethings in 'L4 Linux menuconfig', additionally.
Somethings are as follows ..
<*> MMC/SD/SDIO card support  --->

<*> The Extended 4 (ext4) filesystem
  [*]   Ext4 POSIX Access Control Lists
  [*]   Ext4 Security Labels
kernel command line : "rom/vmlinuz.arm console=ttyLv0 
root=/dev/mtdblock0 rootwait rw "
But it is hangs at '*Waiting for root device /dev/mtdblock0...*'.

I've heard that the solution of this is to pass-through the physical MMC device to L4Linux.
Please, tell me it's concrete ways or hints about what I must study for solving this.
I can't even guess what the solution mean.. please.

- Taeung -

vmlinuz.| l4x: Checks passed.
vmlinuz.| NetWinder Floating Point Emulator V0.97 (double precision)
vmlinuz.| JFS: nTxBlock = 506, nTxLock = 4048
vmlinuz.| msgmni has been set to 126
vmlinuz.| io scheduler noop registered
vmlinuz.| io scheduler deadline registered
vmlinuz.| io scheduler cfq registered (default)
vmlinuz.| L4 serial driver
vmlinuz.| ttyLv0 at MMIO 0x1 (irq = 0, base_baud = 230400) is a L4
vmlinuz.| l4ser_shm: L4 shared mem serial driver
vmlinuz.| l4cdds: No name given, not starting.
vmlinuz.| brd: module loaded
vmlinuz.| l4bdds: No name given, not starting.
vmlinuz.| mousedev: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
vmlinuz.| TCP: cubic registered
vmlinuz.| NET: Registered protocol family 17
*vmlinuz.| Waiting for root device /dev/mtdblock0...*

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