1 maximal supported CPUs

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Tue Apr 15 23:30:13 CEST 2014

On Tue Apr 15, 2014 at 17:48:55 +0900, Irvanda Kurniadi wrote:
> I was trying to run ex_thread_migrate in my system. I use 8 active
> processor. I did config the fiasco to support the multi processor to 8
> Maximal supported number of CPUs. Then I ran the thread_migrate example
> program. After I ran the program, there was only 1 maximal supported CPUs.
> I even tried to add the -smp 8 while using qemu. But, there wasn't any
> difference. Please let me know how to fix this.

Is there any message such as 'CPU[1]: goes to idle loop' while booting?

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