How to secure Ethernet environment on L4 Linux ?

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On 18.04.2014, at 13:24, Taeung <treeze.taeung at> wrote:
> Hello, Adam and L4 Hackers.
> Thanks for answering.
> When I run 'ifconfig', nothing have happened.
> I guess that the cause is /etc folder in ramdisk is not enough to run 'init'. 
> Would you mind if I ask you another question ? 
> Must also I modify '' ? 
> or must I modify 'l4lx_xs.cfg' ? 
> or Do not I need do it ? 
> If I have to modify them , how to modify  ? 
> (I'm using Freescale imx6q SABRE SD board.)
> If you give a bit me hints, I'd appreciate.
Do you have configured the NIC driver into L4Linux? Do you see L4Linux trying to init the driver. I fear your questions are to generic to give a specific answer.


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