L4Linux and L4Re communication

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This thread is just a sequel from

> > Is it possible to run my application on top l4linux; like,
> > if I want to run hello world application over l4linux (not just
> > booting it over l4/fiasco)? I tried to run it by using this
> > configuration:
> >
> > -- Start Hello loader:start( { caps = {}, l4re_bdg = L4.Dbg.Warn,
> > log = {"hello","red"}, }, "rom/hello");
> >
> > -- Start Linux loader:start( { caps = { log = L4.Env.log:m("rws"),
> > fb  = mag_svc:create(L4.Proto.Goos, "g=640x480"); vbus =
> > vbus_l4linux; }, l4re_dbg = L4.Dbg.Warn, log = { "l4linux",
> > "yellow" }, }, "rom/" .. lxname .. " mem=64M console=tty0
> > l4x_rd=rom/ramdisk-" .. L4.Info.arch() .. ".rd root=1:0
> > ramdisk_size=4000 init=linuxrc");
> >
> > But I think it only run two different applications over l4/fiasco.
> >
> > Do you have any idea how to run the hello application over
> > l4linux?

Bjoern said:

> The idea behind L4Linux is to run native Linux applications, so hello
> world in L4Linux works just as the version you would write in your
> local Linux.
> Running an application that communicates with both L4 and Linux is a
> bit more involved. L4Linux applications don't talk to L4 apps
> directly. The L4Linux kernel is an L4 app though, so it can do this
> talking for you. The missing link then is to write a Linux device
> driver that allows your Linux program to talk to the L4Linux kernel,
> which then in turn communicates with an external L4 application.
In term of running hello world in L4Linux, I can run it by passing -m32
-static in the compilation process. But, now I'm having a problem in
running the mpi-based application on L4Linux which this apps needs the mpi
library to be able to run. I have ported the mpi library and run the apps
over L4Re by using Ned. So, based on the explanation above, I don't
understand how to run the mpi-based program on top L4Linux in which the
L4Linux definitely doesn't have mpi-library because the mpi-library is
existed in L4Re. Is it like this, the l4linux kernel needs the device
driver to communicate with external L4 apps (in my case mpi-base apps),
then to trigger the communication we should make the kernel module (linux
program to talk to the l4linux kernel). Am I right? Can you point one
example, which is similar with my case, that can be followed by me?

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