Facing l4x-evict_task problem in L4Linux

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Sat May 10 10:06:34 CEST 2014


On Fri May 09, 2014 at 18:08:49 +0900, Irvanda Kurniadi wrote:
> I want to ask you about my problem in running mpi-program over L4Linux. I'm
> usinng ubuntu 12.04 kernel with gnu libc-2.15. I put the library from
> /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ to /lib in my custom ramdisk. Then I put the library
> that is compiled in the kernel's host to the /usr/lib in my custom ramdisk.
> I also put my mpi hello program and my own mpi program which are compiled
> in the kernel's host (I mean in ubuntu 12.04 with libc-2.15). I'm using
> MPICH3 for the mpi library and I use gforker process manager. When I run
> the mpi Hello program, it can run properly (I invoke "mpiexec -n 4
> ./mpi_hello and there are 4 output from different 4 different processor, it
> means the program run properly). Then I run my own mpi application which
> also include the tiff, jpeg, amd libstep libraries that I put altogether in
> /usr/lib/ in my custom ramdisk. But I got this error message when I invoke
> "mpiexec -n 1 ./mpi_program image.tif" or "mpiexec -n 2 ./mpi_program
> image.tif" command (shown below).
> l4x-evict_tasks: 1089 callbacks suppressed
> l4x-evict: Found no process to free
> l4x-evict: Found no process to free
> l4x-evict: Found no process to free
> INFO: rcu_sched detected stalls on CPUs/tasks: { 1} (detected by 0,
> t=348877 jiffies, g=4294967184, c=4294967183, q=(5)
> sending NMI to all cpus:
> and I can't interrupt the running process.
> I presume this problem happens because the all of process have been
> finalized but the l4linux kernel still think that there is a remaining
> process that should be freed. But I'm not sure about this. If you know
> about this, plis let me know how to fix it and if you can give me an
> explanation about this I will be really grateful.

I think this an out of resources issue. Is your MPI program generating
many processes or similar?

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