Doing simple I/O in clntsrv example

Marcus Hähnel mhaehnel at
Sat May 17 17:47:53 CEST 2014

Hi Valentin,

On 2014-05-17 13:00, Valentin Hauner wrote:
> I did not change the Makefile, so g++ is used for compiling (and not
> gcc). I've added
>> CXX_FLAGS = -lstdc++
> but that doesn't help.

The standard way for the l4re build system to link against certain 
libraries ist to put them in the REQUIRED_LIBS list.

So just change

REQUIRES_LIBS            = cxx_libc_io cxx_io


REQUIRES_LIBS            = cxx_libc_io cxx_io libstdc++

And it compiles fine. Do not forget to also link against 
libc_be_file_stdin (in the same way as above) if you want to have 
keyboard interactions.

Best regards

- Marcus Haehnel

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