seL4 will go open source on 29 July

Gernot Heiser gernot at
Thu Jun 5 05:48:43 CEST 2014

… via the portal This site will start accumulating info through the next few weeks, please check there for updates (or subscribe to the mailing list).

For those who haven’t heard about seL4: 
- it’s the latest L4 microkernel developed by NICTA. 
- according to the performance figures on, it’s the fastest L4 kernel around (let me know if you have performance data to contribute)
- it’s the world’s first and only OS kernel with a formal security proof, extending from high-level statements of confidentiality and integrity enforcement all the way down to the binary
- it’s proved functionally correct (i.e. bug-free implementation of the spec)
- it’s the first and only protected-mode OS with a complete and sound timing analysis, and as such the only credible platform on which to do hard real-time in protected mode
- it’s the foundation for DARPA’s high-assurance UAV project (

… and it will soon be free!

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