Dresden Microkernel Hackers Meet-up

Julian Stecklina jsteckli at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Jun 5 12:11:45 CEST 2014

Hey fellow microkernel hackers,

a lot of us are still in Dresden, but are now scattered across several
work places. Let's meet up and have some beer next week.

Please vote for when[1] and where[2] until Sunday 18:00 CEST. I'll send
one additional mail on Sunday evening to announce the results.

Forward this mail as you like. The more the merrier.

For all of you too far away: My apologies for the off-topic mail.


[1] https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/ukernelbeerwhen/
[2] https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/ukernelbeerwhat/

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