L4-based microkernel on Intel SCC

Ramya Masti rmasti at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Jun 5 13:10:27 CEST 2014

Julian Stecklina <jsteckli <at> os.inf.tu-dresden.de> writes:

> The only major problem is booting Fiasco on the SCC. You will have to
> write a simple boot loader that uses the SCC's tools to write all the
> boot modules into the SCC's memory. After that it is rather
> straight-forward, except for the special page attributes the SCC
> supports, if you want to do message passing.
> Regarding the code, maybe Markus (CCed) knows more.

Great! I hope to hear more from Markus. 

> You don't need a special compiler for the SCC. Any version of gcc or
> clang will work if you set the compilation target to Pentium.
> > c. Finally, has anyone run L4Linux on top of the SCC?
> Yes, I believe we did. Markus?

In this case, it would be great to simply replicate your setup! 
> Btw, what do you want to achieve? The SCC is an abandoned and buggy
> platform.

I have to implement a "thin" hypervisor that can run linux on the SCC for 
one of my projects. Although the SCC is an outdated platform, it works ok 
for us to use it for prototypes.

Thanks again for your prompt reply. I must admit that as a first-time user 
of such a forum, I am really happy with how responsive this mailing list is.

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