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Tue Jun 10 15:22:02 CEST 2014


please check the x86-fb.cfg in src/l4/conf/examples
This is a lua script that sets up a sample application in a mag window 
on the framebuffer.
You can see all the binaries and files required in the cfg file (look 
out for the :start lines).

You will of course also need ned to interprete the x86-fb.cfg file and 
the usual l4re binary.

Best regards,

- Marcus

On 2014-06-10 15:10, teclis High Elf wrote:
> Guten Tag,
> I've got the Hello app runing with fiasco and l4re in qemu, how do I
> get the graphical UI and console running that I see on the screen
> shots page? Do I need to use l4con and mag? I don't see an entry with
> l4con in modules.list.
> danke
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