l4shmnet and its structure

cem akpolat akpolatcem at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 00:16:47 CEST 2014

Dear all,

As far as I tested, l4smnet.c file establishes a communication channel
between client ann server l4linux and I asked couple of weeks ago about the
posibility of multiple clients and one server example and Adam recommended
me to use one of the l4linux, in this case server, as a router. That is
exactly the way that I am following. For this reason, I tried first of all
a simple example: one server two clients with two different shm.
Interestingly, I couldn't see the second client. I couldn't evaluate
whether this trial was logical or not, but if this works for one of the
clients why not for the second?

Apart from this case, I attempt to convert l4shmnet from two l4linux to
multiple case, but this is really not easy. I tried one shared memory first
of all, modifying some parts of the code is quite difficult, you can easily
encounter a failure such as page_fault. That's why I did two shared memory
as mentioned above. My simple question, which way is really more logical,
1- using one shared memory for all clients and server or 2- multiple shared
memory for each separate client. Is there any document or source snippet
that I can to use a similar structure in l4re. shm code is already here,
but it doesn't really give insight into this part.

Best Regards,
Cem Akpolat
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