Doubts about File Systems on FIASCO on ARM (Cortex-A15)

Maria Soler m.soler at
Thu Jun 19 14:44:19 CEST 2014


I would need to use file system facilities, but I am not sure how this is
done. I can already use rom/ and also tmpfs, but neither is exactly what I
need. I need to create persistent files that are written in disk from
applications running on FIASCO (directly, not using L4Linux as an
intermediary). I would also need to load (these or other) files from disk
in run time (loading all files as modules in rom may not be the best
solution, specially since we need to create new files "on the go" and be
able to load them from other applications.

Is there any module/library/whatever in FIASCO that offers this? If there
is one, how can we use it/where can we find information about it? In case
this is relevant, our applications are in C and we are to run FIASCO in
TrustZone Crotex-A15 (in secure mode).

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