IO configuration language

Martin Schröder martin.schroeder at
Mon Jun 23 12:49:34 CEST 2014

Am 22.06.2014 23:25, schrieb Adam Lackorzynski:
>> 1) How can I use the device in the example if the hid is not unique? I even
>> tried wrap(hw:device(NIC0)) but this does not work eiher.
> wrap(hw.NIC0) should do it.

this fails here:
> io      | rom/ error executing lua config: Wrong arguments for overloaded function 'Vi_dev_factory_create'
> io      |   Possible C/C++ prototypes are:
> io      |     Vi::Dev_factory::create(std::string const &)
> io      |     Vi::Dev_factory::create(Hw::Device *,bool)
> io      |     Vi::Dev_factory::create(Hw::Device *)

by using wrap(hw.NIC0()) instead, io does not complain any longer.

>> 2) How can I set the device name for client0/client1 into "foo.dev0" for
>> dev0 as in the (old) example above? dev0.set_name("foo.dev0"); seems not to
>> be the right one.
> I don't think this is easily possible with the new syntax. Do you need
> that type of name?

With that change, l4linux does no longer utilize the provided callbacks 
[mach_setup.c: void register_platform_callbacks(void) -> 
l4x_register_platform_device_callback("foodevice", my_device_cb)]. So 
none of the Hw Devices is probed/found.

Am I right that the name is essential for the platform_device_callbacks 
mechanism? If so then l4linux needs that type of name.


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