How to enable scheduling time in one-shot model

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Mon Jul 14 23:10:13 CEST 2014

On Mon Jul 14, 2014 at 11:09:40 -0400, Yuxin Ren wrote:
> I know in previous Fiasco kernel, there is a kernel option to use
> scheduling timer in one-shot model. But I cannot find this option in the
> latest Fiasco kernel.
> So now how can I enable this feature?

Currently it can only be enabled when configuring for x86 (32) platform.
Indeed we could broaden it a bit more.
> In addition, where is the code for timer interrupt handler?
> Could someone give me some hints about that code?

There's a Timer_tick class that has a handle_timer() function that is
called for every timer tick.

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